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100 days since last people smuggling venture reached Australia

Tuesday, 04 November 2014

The latest Operation Sovereign Borders update released today revealed the month of October also passed without a people smuggling venture reaching Australia meaning it has been 100 days since the last venture arrived, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Scott Morrison said today.

“October passed without a successful people smuggling venture – the ninth month without a venture so far this year – and today marks 100 days since the last arrival,” Minister Morrison said.

“The Coalition Government’s strong border protection policies, including turn backs of illegal boats, are continuing to get the results we said they would get. The last and only people smuggling venture to arrive this year was in July.

“In the ten months prior to the implementation of the government’s turn back policy 281 boats arrived with a total of 19,578 people on board while tragically 336 people died or were presumed lost at sea. Since turn backs were introduced in late December last year just one successful people smuggling venture has arrived while no one has perished at sea.

“Despite the clear success of the government’s turn back policy Labor confirmed last week it will abandon turn backs if ever they came back to office. This reckless approach will only result in a return to the cost, chaos and tragedy on border protection Labor created the last time in government.

“Bill Shorten has wedded himself to Kevin Rudd on border protection. Australians will have the clear choice of whether to remain with the successful policies of the Coalition of which turn backs are a critical element or to go back to the border chaos of Labor with Bill Shorten set to repeat Labor’s mistakes of the past.

“Labor’s approach is irresponsible, illogical and a reminder of why they can never be trusted on border protection.

“Labor failed on border protection in Government and have learned nothing from their failure in Opposition.

“The Government will not be deterred by Labor and their partners in border protection failure, the Greens, from continuing our strong policies that are stopping illegal boats, saving lives at sea and saving the budget $2.5 billion,” Minister Morrison said.

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