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Budget Special Feature: ‘Dark Shadows’ Must Be Explained, Says Migration Institute

In a media statement issued late last night after the Budget was handed down, the Migration Institute of Australia said that, while there where commendable features of the Budget, including the continued focus on skilled needs (including regional skills shortages), there were several concerning features which needed to be explained.

“While the Institute is pleased that the Family Stream will focus on meeting the increasing demand for close family reunions by having additional partner and child places, it is alarming that these additional places will be made available as a result of the cessation of new applications from the other family and parent (non-contributory) places, and we will seek further information from the Minister about this,” said National President of the MIA, Angela Chan.

‘Illegal maritime arrivals’ are a recurrent theme in the provisions of the 2014-15 Budget, which is highlighted by the renaming of a proposed single agency to replace the current Department of Customs and the ‘border functions’ of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection: ‘Australian Border Force’.


For the full MIA release, please see here.

For an overview of the wider economic implications of last night’s Budget from MIA Partner Westpac, please see here.


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