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Case Study – Clemente

Name: Clemente

Country of Origin: Philippines

Visa Services: Partner Visa (complex)

Outcome: Approved

Clemente was sponsored to Australia by his wife. Upon arriving in Australia the relationship began to fall apart because his partner took advantage of his temporary visa status. He suffered emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his partner. We helped Clemente to seek approval of Australian permanent residence under the family violence provisions by obtaining the relevant mandatory evidentiary requirements and making submissions on his behalf.


Client feedback:

Q: What was your experience?

“Industry Migration provided me with excellent service. The advisor was prompt and honest, which was a good thing in my case.


Q: Would you recommend our services?



We had the opportunity to speak with Clemente recently. After his case was finalised he went on to complete his studies to become a Registered Nurse. He appears to have moved on from his experience and settled into the Melbourne community.

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