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Case Study – Arthur Too

Name: Arthur Too

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Visa Services: General Skilled Migration

Outcome: Approved

Mr. Too approached us after having already sought advice from another provider. We were able to put him on track and recommend a strategy for approval under the General Skilled Migration Scheme.


Client feedback:

Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent?

“I wanted someone who knew the legal process and could eliminate any ambiguity -and provide me with a clear strategy for approval.”


Q: What was your experience?

“The advice was good, clear-cut and always straight to the point. For anyone undertaking the process of applying for a visa I recommended having Industry Migration represent and support you. It’s important to have a middle person – like a broker – to translate the process, explain it in a clear way and to make sure all the requirements are in order.”


Q: How did you hear about us?



Q: Would you recommend our services?

“Yes. Industry Migration helped me to put forward the best application possible and increase my chances of achieving a good outcome.”


Q: How has your life changed post-approval?

“I can travel more freely and take the necessary steps towards Australian citizenship. I don’t have to stress about my future in Australia. Many options have opened up to me as I can apply for things that are only available to Australian residents. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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