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Case Study – Bendigo Radiology

Name: Megan Egan

Position: Human Resources Manager

Company: Bendigo Radiology


Bendigo Radiology is one of the largest providers of Radiology Services to Regional Victoria with 17 Practices across Northern and Western Victoria. We assisted the organization to seek approval of a Standard Business Sponsorship Agreement so that they could recruit qualified medical practitioners from the United Kingdom.



Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent? 

“Our business hadn’t recruited anyone from overseas before and didn’t know the immigration process. We wanted to contract a firm that was familiar with process and alleviate any headaches.”


Q: How did you hear about Industry Migration?



Q: What was your experience?

“Our experience was brilliant. Our advisor stayed in communication constantly. We always knew what you were up to. We were given lots of time to prepare the necessary requirements so there wasn’t an eleventh-hour panic. The agent also liaised really well with our staff and the sponsored employee.”


Q: Would you recommend our services?

“I would absolutely recommend Industry Migration. You made the process very simple. We were able to successfully recruit Medical Practitioners from UK without any headaches at all. You kept us informed at all times. We always knew what was going on and you supported us beautifully. The communication was brilliant.”