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Case Study – Karen Carter

Applicant: Karen Carter and family

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Visa application: Employer Nomination (Subclass 186) Visa

Outcome: Approved

Case study:

Despite being a long time resident of Australia on a Special Category (subclass 444) visa, Ms Carter, was not considered an Australian Permanent Resident. She arrived from New Zealand after the migration regulations changed and her children (although raised in Australia) were unable to access government funded education. We applied for an Employer Nomination (Subclass 186) Visa, on the basis of Ms Carter’s in-demand professional skills and ongoing fulltime employment. The application was ‘decision ready’ upon lodgement and no further info was requested by the Immigration Department to make an approval decision.


Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent?

I chose to use a migration agent so that we had someone to help with our application and to be able to ask questions, which was a lifesaver and made the whole experience a lot less stressful.  I felt having assistance was well worth the fee.


Q: What was your experience?

My experience was that if I didn’t use a migration agent I probably would have ‘thrown in the towel’ as the process is so overwhelming and without a migration agent you really are on your own – having to navigate systems and you really have to find out what you need to do yourself as there is no one else to ask. I was concerned that if I ‘didn’t get it right’ then potentially I could have wasted my money. I felt that there was more of a ‘guarantee’ of my visa being approved with using a migration agent as they have the knowledge and expertise in this area.

We were absolutely thrilled that our visa was approved and from lodgement to approval was less than four months, which I believe was due to having the migration agent’s input and that they lodged the application. We now only have to wait 12 months until we can apply for citizenship


Q How has your life changed since your visa was approved?

Having this visa has opened up endless opportunities for us but mainly for my children.  Now I feel relieved that my children will be treated as permanent residents and citizens as without this they often do not qualify for things, which leaves them vulnerable. They now have an exciting future full of opportunities.


Q: How did you hear about our services?

I found my migration agent by doing a Google search. After contacting a few agents I found that all but one were based in New South Wales. I chose Gold Coast Migration, as I wanted someone to contact who at least lived in the same state.


Q: Would you recommend our services?

I would definitely recommend Gold Coast Migration and have already given the number to others. I found them very helpful, informative, patient with my endless questions and accommodating, so thanks for all your help – it was greatly appreciated!!!


“The Carter Family”

Gold Coast

24 July 2014


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