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Case Study – Leslie Manor Trust

Name: Beverley Holloway

Position: Human Resources Manager

Company: Leslie Manor Trust


Leslie Manor trust operates several dairy-farming operations in the Warrnambool greater region. The business applied for approval of a Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) Agreement in order to sponsor management staff for its farming operations.



Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent?

We wanted guidance from a professional who understood the process, who could provide us with professional advice, and who could put together a professional proposal on behalf of our business.


Q: How did you hear about Industry Migration?

We were referred by another business customer who had used your services in the past.


Q: What was your experience?

Overall we had a good experience.

Each stage of the application process was clearly explained to us and we achieved positive outcomes for our sponsorship and applications.

Using your services saved us time.

We had some previous experience using another provider’s services and found the process to be confusing.

Q: Would you recommend our services?


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