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Cast Study – Niall and Amanda

Name:  Niall and Amanda

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Visa Services: Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) Visa

Outcome: Approved

Case Study: We assisted Niall and Amanda to prepare a decision ready visa application submission. We also communicated directly with the nominating employer to prepare a decision ready nomination. Amanda fell pregnant during the process and we obtained a waiver of the health requirement to allow for immediate approval. Their child will be born an Australian citizen.

Client feedback:


Q: Why did you decide to use a migration agent?

We used a migration agent for two main reasons, firstly we wanted our visa approved as quickly as possible so using an agent who can assign the application as decision ready would do this, and we wanted to ensure that all of our paperwork was correct on application.


Q: What was your experience?

The agent was very thorough in going through our application. We were concerned that our visa would take a very long time, but in fact came through only 3 months after our lodgment.


Q How has your life changed since your visa was approved?

The main difference since our visa has been granted is that our child will be born an Australian citizen.


Q: How did you hear about our services?

Referred by friends.


Q: Would you recommend our services?

Yes I would definitely recommend to anyone.

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