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Credit card surcharge extended to other DIBP fees and charges

Three new Legislative Instruments relating to credit card charges have been handed down today. These extend the credit card surcharge to other DIBP fees and charges. These Instruments do not relate to the current surcharges levied on sponsorship and nomination applications until 1 July 2014, which the Department intends to refund once they have established a suitable refund method.

Select Legislative Instrument – SLI 2014 No. 99 – F2014L00882 – Migration Amendment (Credit Card Surcharge Additional Measures) Regulation 2014.

The 19 April 2014 change to the Principal Regulation imposed a credit card surcharge on VACs. This SLI amends Subregulations 5.43 (1) to (3) in Division  5.7 of Part 5, to provide that a credit card surcharge will be paid for any fees and charges made by credit card that the Minister specifies in a legislative instrument. This has been done in the following Instrument:

Legislative Instrument – IMMI 14/053- F2014L00895 – Migration Regulations 1994 – Specification of Types of Fees or Charges – specifies credit card surcharges for paragraph 5.41A(1)(b) will be imposed on the following fees and charges:

  • nomination fees or charges
  • sponsorship fees or charges
  • visa evidence charges or fees
  • visa application charges or fees

Legislative Instrument – IMMI 14/054 – F2014L00884 – Migration Regulations 1994 – Circumstances In Which a Credit Card Surcharge Must Be Waived Or Refunded – specifies that credit card surcharges levied in New Zealand and Singapore must be waived or refunded.

The financial laws of these countries do not allow credit card surcharges to be levied for this type of payment.



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