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Credit card surcharge – levied on visa application charges only, not sponsorship or nominations

Following representations from the MIA, we have received the following response from the Department, confirming that credit card surcharges should only have been levied on VACs, not sponsorship and nominations application fees.

We are providing further information regarding the application of the new credit card surcharge, particularly whether such surcharge would be applicable to the fee for sponsorship and nomination applications.

You may be aware that the purpose of the legislative amendment made by the Migration Amendment (Credit Card Surcharge) Regulation 2014 to the Migration Regulations 1994  commencing on 19 April 2014 is to allow the department to recover the cost of certain administrative fees, by charging a credit card surcharge on applicants who pay an instalment, or part of an instalment, of their visa application charge (VAC) with a credit card.  These administrative fees are charged to the department by credit card issuers and its banking service provider on transactions paid to the department via credit card.  These fees do not form part of the VAC paid by the applicant.

Since its introduction on 19 April 2014, the credit card surcharge is only liable to be paid by visa applicants when they pay an instalments of, or part of an instalment of, their VAC with a credit card.  The credit card surcharge does not apply to the fee for sponsorship and nomination applications.  Any surcharges incorrectly applied to sponsorship and nomination applications from 19 April 2014 will be refunded.

Further information will be provided regarding the application of the surcharge from time to time.


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