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Disgust over ‘You will not make Australia home’ anti-immigration ad

Published: 10:01AM Monday October 20, 2014

Source: ONE News

The Australian government has released a controversial anti-immigration poster – which Australian customs says is to stop people smuggling.

The images and wording in the poster display a ship in rough seas with the words, “No way. You will not make Australia home”. It will be published in 17 languages, but online reaction to the ad has been severe.

“I am absolutely disgusted in your ‘you will not make Australia home” video – you make me so ashamed to be Australian,” said Amy Clarke in a post to the Australian customs’ Twitter account.

Owen Jones posted: “No Way. You will not make Australia home, except if you’re a talented sportsperson. So work on that spin bowl.”

Nearly 1,500 people have died while trying to seek asylum in Australia since the year 2000, according to the Australian Border Deaths Database, complied by Monash University in Victoria.

According to the Australian Audit Office, the Immigration and Customs departments have spent over $AUD22.5 million ($NZD 24.8m) on onshore and offshore campaigns to stop “illegal immigrants” from some of the most desperate countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Sudan from seeking asylum in Australia between July 2013 and August 2014.

Source: http://tvnz.co.nz/world-news/disgust-over-you-not-make-australia-home-anti-immigration-ad-6111927

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