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Immigration SA has updated their State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) and related policies as at 1 July 2014.

These include: 

  • Adding further occupations to their SNOL
  • Simplifying the state nomination process, including receiving an invitation within 2 business days if you are selected for state nomination.
  • State nomination places will now be calculated on time of submission rather than time of decisions, so applications will not be refused due to planning levels being exhausted.
  • Recognising applicants commitment to SA:
  • ​Those who have worked in that state for at least 12 months in a skilled occupation, will have access to a more extensive occupation list,
  • Graduates of SA universities access to the SA Graduate List of occupations,
  • Graduates of SA VET courses access to occupations with ‘special conditions’ on the State Occupation  List.
  • Reductions in IELTS scores to 6 in each band to align with DIBP requirements, except for Health and Education Professionals who remain at 7 in each band.
  • Allowing international graduates of SA graduates access to a work experience waiver if they are currently working 20 hours per week in SA their nominated or closely related occupation.
  • Skills assessment validity requirements have also been changed to align with the recent DIBP changes.

Further detail can be found on the South Australia Immigration website


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