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Improvements streamline migration scheme for SA employers

Changes announced by the State Government will make it simpler for South Australian employers to recruit skilled workers from overseas where they have not been able to source labour locally.

Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade Minister, Tom Kenyon said a review of the way employers accessed the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) was a key part of the just completed 90-day Immigration SA change program.

“The 90-day change project is part of a long-term strategy to more effectively participate in national programs for attracting permanent skilled and business migrants our state,” Mr Kenyon said.

“Streamlining RSMS application procedures will achieve better processing times and enhance our ability to attract permanent skilled migrants.

“I want to emphasise, however, that employers are only entitled to sponsor skilled migrants if they are unable to find suitable people in the local labour market.


Changes to the RSMS that affect employers include: 

  • the introduction of a new client-friendly application format
  • removing the requirement to upload some documents – to be replaced by a series of online questions and
  • an exemption from labour market testing in some circumstances.

Mr Kenyon said these changes would remove some of the administrative procedures attached to the application process for employers seeking workers through the RSMS.

“For example, employers will no longer be required to upload extensive evidence to support their application. Instead, they’ll be asked a series of online questions,” Mr Kenyon said.

“There will also be changes to the way employers demonstrate how they have tested the labour market.”

Mr Kenyon said it was anticipated between 400 and 600 skilled vacancies would be met through the RSMS program in 2013-14.

The 90-day Immigration project is an initiative of [email protected] Australia – an innovative program designed to foster a more dynamic and productive public sector in SA.

Immigration SA acts as the regional certifying body providing advice to the Federal Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) about a South Australian employer nomination.


Immigration SA assesses and provides advice to DIAC on the following legislative criteria:

  • There is a genuine need for the position.
  • The position cannot be filled by an Australian citizen or an Australian permanent resident who is living in the same local area as the nominated position.
  • The terms and conditions of employment for the position are no less favourable than for an Australian citizen performing the same, or similar, work at the same location.


Source: Invest in Australia: http://www.investinaustralia.com/news/improvements-streamline-migration-scheme-sa-employers-12c3

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