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ISLPR as evidence of functional English

The MIA’s South Australian Branch Committee bought to the Institute’s attention the problem of some case officers not understanding that ISLPR (International Second Language Proficiency Ratings) results could be used as evidence of functional English and that the 2nd VAC payment was not required.

The MIA contacted both the General Skilled Migration (GSM) and Permanent Employer Sponsored Entry (PESE) sections to clarify and request case officers be reminded of this policy.  Both sections have replied that they will provide a reminder and training to case officers processing relevant visas on the acceptability of ISPLR as evidence of functional English.

The ISLPR is a testing system is used by AMEP service providers to assess whether or not a person has functional English.  ISLPR rating 2 equates to functional English for the purposes of demonstrating functional English under Reg 5.17 (f) evidence that the person has been assessed as having functional English by the provider of a course that is an approved English course for the purposes of section 4 of the Immigration (Education) Act 1971.


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