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Labour Agreement momentous occasion for Greek aged care facility

Friday, 01 August 2014

The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection said she was proud to announce the commencement of the first direct labour agreement between the Australian government and a health and community services provider, Fronditha Care Nursing Facility in Victoria.

Speaking at an event at the facility, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said that with the labour agreement programme forming a small, but important part of Australia’s overall skilled migration programme, it is exciting that facilities such as Fronditha Care have the ability to bring skilled, bilingual workers to bolster their workforce.

‘Fronditha Care is an example of the importance of nurturing cultural identity in a supportive environment, as an integral part of maintaining wellbeing into older age,’ Minister Cash said.

‘Fronditha is the only organisation providing a range of residential and support services to the Greek speaking elderly in Victoria, and on any given day the organisation is likely to provide care for more than 2000 elderly, employing more than 560 personnel.’

‘This labour agreement will allow Fronditha Care to sponsor bilingual Greek-speaking overseas workers with qualifications in aged care to supplement its existing workforce. The government recognises that our population is ageing and there is an increasing need for aged care workers who speak the language of those they are caring for.’

A labour agreement is a formal arrangement developed between an Australian employer and the Australian Government, and places significant obligations on the employer, defining employer obligations such as the terms and conditions of employment for the skilled overseas workers and training requirements for Australian employees. It also defines the required skill and English language levels that overseas workers must meet under the agreement.

Minister Cash said the government is exploring options to support the wider health and community sector providers, noting Australia has an ageing population and a diminishing workforce.

‘This agreement highlights the government’s consideration of the niche requirements in some areas of the health and community services sector, and how skilled migration can support its contribution to caring for Australians now and into the future,’ Minister Cash said.

‘After visiting Fronditha Care and other aged care facilities, the need to have workers who can speak the same language as their clients is obvious – the labour agreement announced today will greatly benefit aged care residents and their families.’


Source: http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/mc/2014/mc216835.htmd.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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