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Machinery of Government Changes

Overview of changes

Following the swearing-in of the new ministry led by Prime Minister Tony Abbott on September 18, there have been machinery of government changes that affect the department and the immigration portfolio.

The Administrative Arrangements Order (141KB PDF file) the Governor-General issued confirms the following changes to the department’s responsibilities:

  • The department will be renamed the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  • The department will manage entry, stay and departure arrangements for non-citizens, border immigration control, citizenship, ethnic affairs and customs and border control other than quarantine and inspection.
  • Settlement and multicultural affairs functions will transfer to the renamed Department of Social Services and the Adult Migrant English Programme will move to the Department of Industry.
  • The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is now a portfolio agency under the immigration and border protection portfolio.

Transition to the new arrangements is underway and may take some months to come into effect.

The department will also contribute to Operation Sovereign Borders and the joint agency task force that has been established to combat people smuggling and protect Australia’s borders.

The department will continue to contribute to Australia through the management of its migration, humanitarian and citizenship policy and programmes.

Settlement and multicultural affairs programmes

Department of Social Services will administer most settlement and multicultural affairs programmes, formerly administered by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship including:

  • Humanitarian Settlement Services
  • Settlement Grants Programme
  • Complex Case Support
  • Diversity and Social Cohesion Programme
  • Multicultural Arts and Festivals Grants
  • Building Multicultural Communities Programme.

Adult Migrant English Programme

Administration of the Adult Migrant English Programme has transferred to the Department of Industry. This transfer places the Adult Migrant English Programme in the same department that manages skills and vocational education policy. It also complements the emerging focus of the Adult Migrant English Programme on the role English language skills play in preparing migrants to seek employment.

Further information

The latest information and news about the department can be found on the website, or you can follow us on Facebookfacebook.com/DIBPAustralia or Twitter at twitter.com/DIBPAustralia.

 Source: http://www.immi.gov.au/about/dept-info/mog.htm


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