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New Visa Pricing Arrangements – Information for Clients

Announcement by DIAC:

From 1 July 2013, new visa pricing arrangements will take effect as part of a change to Australia’s visa pricing model. This new visa fee arrangement was first announced by the Australian Government in November 2011.

These changes form part of an overall program of initiatives, known as the Visa Pricing Transformation Program, which has introduced new visa services; a new visa pricing structure; and charges for discretionary services, such as visa labels.

The Visa Pricing Transformation Program plays a key role in progressing the department’s provision of digital capability for enhanced services for clients.

For more information about the visa pricing arrangements, see proposed Visa Pricing Table.


From 1 July 2013, you might be required to pay the following charges when you lodge your visa application: 

  • Base application charge – this charge is the amount a main visa applicant will have to pay for their visa application.
  • Additional applicant charge – this charge will be paid by each additional applicant included in or added to a combined visa application (unless an exemption applies). The amount varies according to the age of the applicant and the visa subclass. This charge is added to the base application charge; the main applicant does not pay the additional applicant charge.
  • Non-internet application charge – a charge of AUD80 for selected visas will apply when the option to lodge and pay for the application online exists through our online service at www.immi.gov.au, but the applicant chooses to lodge a visa application by paper form, including fax, email, lodgement through a Service Delivery Partner, or in person. This charge is paid per application not per person.


This charge will initially be applied to the following five visa subclasses, with more to be progressively included:

  • 155 Five year Resident Return Visa
  • 157 Three month Resident Return Visa
  • 417 Working Holiday
  • 476 Skilled (Recognised Graduate)
  • 485 Temporary Graduate.
  • Subsequent temporary application charge – is a charge that you might need to pay when you lodge a visa application for certain temporary visas when you are in Australia. The charge is AUD700 per applicant in addition to any other applicable visa fees and charges. This charge does not apply to the first visa that is granted when you are in Australia.

This charge is paid by each person in an application and is based on their individual temporary visa history. You should check the proposed Visa Pricing Table to find out if this charge must be paid when your clients lodge their visa applications.
This charge is not paid for:

  • bridging visa applications, criminal justice visas or enforcement visas, or
  • permanent visa applications.

In addition, for some visas you might also have to pay a further visa application charge. This may be paid after you have lodged your application but before the visa can be granted. This second instalment is not required if your application is refused.

Applications for most visa subclasses will be affected by the visa pricing changes from 1 July 2013. However, ETAs, eVisitor visas and Refugee and Humanitarian visas will not be affected nor will Citizenship applications.


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