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Our Fees for Visa Applicants

You will be advised upfront of the costs involved in making your application. The amounts stated below are indicative of the standard fees charged for some of the matters we can assist you with. All disbursements, such as application fees and charges, are payable in addition to our fees:

Permanent Residence visa applications

Description Fee
Employer Nomination (Subclass 186): $4,725.00
Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187): $4,725.00
Other Migration (i.e. Partner, Child, Family, etc): $3,450.00
Protection visa (Subclass 866): $3,905.00*
Skill Select (Subclasses 189, 190, 489) $4,725.00

Temporary Residence Visa Applications

Description Fee
Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457): $2,480.00
Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) (Subclass 400): $2,480.00
Student: $2,065.00
Visitor visa (Subclass 600): $2,065.00
Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485): $2,480.00

Other Services:

Description Fee
Australia Citizenship by Conferral (Standard Assessment): $735.00
Australia Citizenship by Conferral (Complex Assessment): $2,065.00
SkillsSelect – Expression of Interest (stand-alone): $2,065.00
Ministerial Intervention: $3,905.00*
Visa Cancellation submission: $2,065.00
Complex criteria submission (add-on): $735.00
Complex criteria submission (stand-alone): $2,065.00
Review Tribunal: $3,905.00*
Skills Assessment (add-on): $735.00
Skills Assessment (stand-alone): $2,065.00
Brief Phone Consult (15-60mins): $60.00
Full Consultation and written advice (1+ hour): $330.00

*The costs mentioned above do not include some additional services that are likely to be required for particular applications. Please contact us for a full explanation of the likely costs involved in assisting with a particular matter.


We endeavour to give you a comprehensive quote upfront, identifying all the of the expected charges involved in assisting with your matter. You are required to pay fees associated with attending any appointments or for additional services provided, such as assisting with bridging visa applications or, for example, the items mentioned in “Services to be excluded” (below), or anything of that kind. Wherever possible, we will notify you in advance of any changes that are likely to result in additional charges to you and will not carry out work in a manner that unnecessarily increases your costs.


The services to be provided, usually include the following:

✔ Providing advice relating to the Client’s migration goals and their choice of visa category.

✔ Providing frank and candid advice regarding the prospects of success of the visa application.

✔Analysing current Immigration Law relating to the nominated visa category or review application.

Assisting in the completion and/or checking of relevant application forms.

✔ Providing advice and assistance relating to documentation required to support the application.

✔ Preparation and lodging of specified application(s) for the persons listed as “Clients” in this agreement.

Submit the application to DIBP for processing as soon as possible.

✔ Wherever possible, supply any further documentation or information requested by the Department on receipt of documents from the Client.

✔ Wherever possible, assist the Client to comply with any request made by the Department or review body.

✔ Attendance of any appointments with / on behalf of client including: bridging visa appointments, biometric checking, medicals, department interviews, etc, which may also incur additional fees (see above).


The services to be provided usually exclude the following:

✖ Reviews and appeals arising from the visa application decision, unless specifically mentioned in the agreement of services.

✖ Additional services required due to changes in immigration law after this contract has been accepted.

✖ Additional services required due to your change of circumstances, including additional submissions required as a result of significant delays in processing by the Immigration Department.

Please contact us for more information.