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Rinehardt faces allegations of 457 visa worker abuses on iron ore site

rinehardtThe Government has been asked to investigate serious allegations of abuses of the 457 visa system and workers at Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill iron ore project, by the CFMEU National Office.


The CFMEU said late last week, that it had received a detailed complaint from a whistleblower on the Roy Hill project. The whistleblower alleged that:

  • There were between 150 to 200 white collar 457 visa workers employed by the contractor Samsung C&T on the project, about half of whom were Korean nationals;
  • Most 457s were young workers, under age 30 or so and many were female workers;
  • The 457 visa workers working excessive hours – over 84 hours a week – and were grossly underpaid, with rates of just $16 an hour;
  • Many 457 visa workers were not working in the occupations approved for their visas – a breach of

the sponsoring employer’s obligations.


For more on the CFMEU statement, please see here.


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