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Skills Assessments in the Philippines

The Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) has advised the following:


Offshore Assessments Information

We are undertaking an offshore Practical assessment in Manila for formal Skills Assessments for 457 and Permanent applicants – details are as per below:

  • Metal Trades (Welders, Metal Fabricators only)
  • Monday 18th March – 22nd March
  • Electrician (General) & Electrician (Special Class)
  • Monday 18th March – 22nd March


I have space for 35 metal trade applicants and 25 Electrical applicants.

If you would like to submit any applicants for practical assessment for the above schedule please:

Notify me as soon as possible and no later than 1 March

Submit the complete decision ready application to us by COB 1 March

The decision ready application will be sent to the assessor for paper based assessment.

We will issue / advise you with the assessment schedule for your applicants submitted that successfully pass their paper based outcome no later than 13 March 2013.

Please note the schedule is subject to change and minimum required numbers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need anything further.


Kristi Carlile 

Project Officer | Skills Assessments International

Department of Training and Workforce Development


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