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South Australia State Nomination Update

Rachel Ireland, General Skilled Migration Team Leader, Immigration SA, has advised the following:

Immigration SA & the GSM team had a busy start to the 2012/13 program year. We received a large volume of applications in July, August & September and as a result processing times were longer than usual. We are pleased to announce that the current processing time for GSM state nomination is now 9 weeks. Processing times are regularly published on the Immigration SA website.

A revised State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) for South Australia has now been released on the Immigration SA website.

Thirty-three occupations have been added to the SNOL and some occupations previously on the SNOL have been changed to the off-list criteria. There have also been changes to the additional requirements (including work experience) for some occupations on the SNOL so please check the extra requirements carefully for each occupation. The revisions to the SNOL are in response to local labour market requirements and current skill shortages in South Australia.

Immigration SA processed all submitted applications potentially affected by the list change prior to publication of the revised SNOL. Therefore, no applicants were affected if their occupation was removed from the Immigration SA SNOL or if it remained on the list and had additional requirements added to it.

For applicants who commenced an application prior to Friday 11 January 2013 but have not yet submitted it, they will need to meet the requirements listed on the revised SNOL.

The planning levels for the 2012/13 program year remain unchanged as they cover the full program year. Therefore, if an occupation met the planning level prior to publication of the revised SNOL, the special conditions still apply.

Click to view the occupational availability, IELTS requirements, the list of occupations available for Off-List nomination and any additional requirements that apply to the revised State Nomination Occupation List. All applications submitted from 11 January 2013 will need to meet all occupation requirements published on the revised SNOL, as well as all requirements and criteria for state nomination. Click to view the requirements and criteria for state nomination.

Please be aware that if there are additional work experience requirements listed for an occupation then this applies to all applicants. Recent international graduates of SA won’t be eligible for a work experience waiver when there are additional work requirements listed.

A number of occupations have met their planning level for this program year and these are listed on the Immigration SA website.


The occupations most recently added to the SNOL are as follows:


133511   —  Production Manager (Forestry)

134111   —  Child Care centre manager

135112  —  ICT Project Manager

135199  —  ICT Managers, nec

139999  —  Specialist Managers nec

142114   —  Hair or Beauty Salon Manager

149411  —  Fleet Manager

149913   —  Facilities Manager

224711  —  Management Consultant

224712   —   Organisation and Methods Analyst

225212   —  ICT Business Development Manager

234112  —  Agricultural scientist

234311  —  Conservation Officer

234312   —  Environmental Consultant

234313  —  Environmental Research Scientist

241111  —  Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher

251111  —  Dietitian

252112   —  Osteopath

252211  —  Acupuncturist

252214   —  Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

252299  —  Complementary Health Therapists nec

253314   —  Medical Oncologist

253315  —  Endocrinologist

253324  —  Thoracic medicine specialist

254211  —  Nurse Educator

254311  —   Nurse Manager

261212   —   Web Developer

271111   —   Barrister

312112   —  Building Associate

312114  —   Construction Estimator

312911   —  Maintenance Planner

342411   —  Cabler (Data and Telecommunications)

411411   —  Enrolled Nurse



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