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Updated MRT – RRT application for review forms

The MRT-RRT Tribunals released updated versions of the M1, M2 and R1 ‘Application for review’ forms today (design date 10/14), as part of the move towards using email as the primary means of communication with applicants and their representatives. The forms now provide applicants with an opportunity to elect to receive all case related correspondence from the Tribunals via email.

The previous version of these forms, released in March 2014 (design date 03/14), will continue to be accepted by the Tribunals until 30 January 2015.

Current application forms are available on the ‘Forms’ page of the Tribunals’ website. 

The online lodgement facility has also been updated to specify that as a condition of using this facility, the applicant or representative agrees to the Tribunal using email for all case related communications.


Source: MIA