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Urgent Scam Warning

The Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) reported the family in India of of a Subclass 489 client today received a telephone call at home from “someone” stating they were from Customs in Canberra and were calling to advise there is a discrepancy in his visa payment and that he will not be able to get back into Australia until the family pays money.

The scammer gave them a name “Rachel Morgan” and the number 1300558287 (which is the number for Australian Customs and Border Protection Service).

Customs confirmed there is no one by the name of Rachel Morgan working there.

Australian Customs and border protection service advised that have received a number of complaints from Indian visa applicants saying they have received phone calls demanding money. One person that they know of has been stung and paid these people money today.

This latest scam, according to Customs, has just started today and is not yet listed on Scamwatch.

The MIA has alerted DIAC, which is now investigating this scam.

To avoid being scammed please do the following:

  • Only use a migration agent that is registered with the Office of Migration Agent Registering Authority (OMARA). Check that the agent is currently registered on the online register portal. It is illegal to provide Australian immigration advice and assistance unless registered with OMARA.
  • Check the current fees and charges for visa applications before undertaking the process. DIAC fees are published online in Form 990i (refer: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/990i.pdf)
  • If something sounds suspicious please contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on 131881 to make enquiries.