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Warning to avoid unauthorised departmental website

22-11-2013 –


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) today warned web users to be aware of an unauthorised website posing as an official departmental site.

The website, www.immigovau.co, mimics the current departmental website in appearance and layout, particularly when using certain browsers.

A departmental spokesman said it was a well-camouflaged fake which should be avoided. All Australian Government websites end with the country code gov.au.

“While there is no evidence that the department’s own web presence has been compromised, we advise web users who are looking for information on the department to make sure they visit the department’s official site atwww.immi.gov.au,” the spokesman said.

“This issue is not unique to our department and is a common issue for companies and organisations which use websites to communicate information to their clients.”

Web users should ensure they have the www.immi.gov.au address in their browser when they are looking for information on the department and avoid this unauthorised website.

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