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Working while studying in Australia

By Alice on 5 Jun 2014 2:10pm, no comments



If you are an international student working in Australia, it is important you know your rights, entitlements and protections in the work place.

Do you know:

  • it is illegal for an employer to treat you any differently to other workers based on your gender, religion, culture or nationality?
  • you may be entitled to higher pay for working at night, on the weekend or on a public holiday?
  • your employer is not allowed to fire you if you are away from work temporarily because you were sick?

The Fair Work Ombudsman provides a free service to all people working in Australia. They have a range of information available on their website to help you understand your work conditions, and can be contacted for assistance if you have any concerns about your treatment at work.


Source: http://migrationblog.immi.gov.au/2014/06/05/working-while-studying-in-australia/}

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